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Vegetable Flux
Flux of vegetable origin for bituminous conglomerates that can be processed in cold conditions


Cold-workable bituminous conglomerates are used for road maintenance when small amounts of asphalt are needed. They can be used by municipal administrations, contractors and simple citizens for filling holes throughout the year. Cold-workable bituminous conglomerates are produced using low-temperature asphalt plants by mixing: bitumen, selected aggregates and the additive POLYFLUX VE which guarantees cold workability. After filling the hole this is immediately passable. The bituminous conglomerate quickly hardens with the passage of traffic. POLYFLUX VE is an additive formulated with very high quality vegetable components to produce bituminous conglomerates that can be cold worked in a simple and inexpensive way. The use of POLYFLUX VE guarantees bituminous conglomerates that can be processed odorless and with a perfect balance between plasticity and workability. Cold-workable bituminous conglomerates, produced with POLYFLUX VE, maintain workability and plasticity over time; after application in the hole, they harden quickly, even in the presence of water. The correct dosage of POLYFLUX VE allows the realization of cold-workable bituminous conglomerates with an optimal workability, avoiding that the product is difficult to be compacted in winter or not very consistent and sticky with high summer temperatures.